Weeds and Wheat

Last week we escaped Bridge City with some friend from the States to explore other parts of this amazingly beautiful country. As we stood on a mountain overlooking the sea at sunset with some dear friends who have been with us through several countries and major life events, I couldn’t help but ponder the juxtaposition […]


Language in the Era of Covid

What are the first words you would pick to learn in a new language? After this pandemic season, the books of “must-know” phrases might be re-written. When I first moved to Asia and started learning Chinese, the first word I remember learning was “foreigner.” A kid was pointing at me from across a subway station […]


Rethinking Excited

“Are you excited about leaving soon?” It seems to be the instinctive question in response to the news that we are (hopefully) moving soon. Let’s rethink this question, shall we? I appreciate the heart behind it, (I am not offended by it) but I never know how to answer it. A more open-ended, “How are […]


New Beginnings

Welcome! As many of you know, our lives took an unexpected turn (or two) in 2020. We were forced to take an unexpected quick exit from our former home, which eventually brought us back to the US. After much prayer and rest, the Father has opened a new door for us in Central Asia….a place […]